A treadmill is a great investment for people who prioritise their health and fitness. They are easy to operate, and can be used to perform the most basic workouts.

It is also the best equipment that supports weight loss, heart health, and improvement in your mental wellbeing.

All these benefits that a treadmill offers have people rushing to the nearest treadmill store to purchase one. But shopping for a treadmill is not easy.

In this article, we will be discussing a few points one needs to keep in mind before setting out to purchase a treadmill. We also provide a list of the best treadmill shops in India that you can checkout.

Tips for Buying A Treadmill in India

1. Study About the different elements of a treadmill

Before you choose a wholesaler or any treadmill shop, it is necessary to do your background research. Just like any machine, a treadmill also has different elements and specifications that you need to have a basic understanding of.

The different elements of a treadmill include the motor, the track cushioning, incline, etc. There are also extra features that include console fans, and water bottle holders to enhance your workout experience.

You should also keep in mind the motor power you need, the track size, track speed, and the factors that affect your tread belt durability.

Connect with the wholesaler, manufacturer, or the ones that run the treadmill store to get an idea about these features.

2. Consider the Space Available

Space is an important factor to consider when buying a treadmill. There are foldable treadmills available to help you save up some floor space.

Also check if the treadmills are portable, and can easily be stored in the available space.

If you are looking for a treadmill for your home gym, it should be lightweight and have transport wheels to store it easily under a bed or in similar spaces.

3. Set a budget

Setting a budget will help you limit your options and choose from only the best available in your price range.

You can browse the internet and look for treadmills according to your budget, and compare each treadmill store and wholesaler to come to the best one.

Talk to other gym owners or any fitness freaks to understand which treadmills are the best option for a particular budget.

Also, remember to consider the maintenance charges that come with the treadmill, and see if the treadmill shop offers after-sales and extended warranties.

4. Consider the weight capacity and safety off the treadmill

It is necessary to consider the weight capacity of the treadmill that you are buying after checking your body weight. You can ask the salesperson in the treadmill store for such specifications or visit the website of the wholesaler.

The treadmill should at least be able to handle 50 pounds more than your weight to reduce the tension on the motor. If you are somebody who weighs more, you will have to check for a stronger and more durable treadmill.

See if the treadmill is safe,  especially if you work out around children.

It should have safety features like auto stop which has a key that can be attached to your body. It will detach if you slip and the treadmill will turn off on its own.

5. Decide what features you need

Deciding on the features that you need will help you narrow down the options of treadmills.

  • When you visit a treadmill store, checkout the incline of the treadmill.

See how much incline you would like to have according to your fitness goals like burning calories.

  • Check if the treadmill shop offers workout programs with their treadmills. Treadmill workout programs are great to help you control the speed and incline of your trackers according to be workout.

But remember that these programs can be expensive so that you do not spend a lot of money just for them.

  • Other features include treadmill accessories like mats, cleaning materials, and built-in screen. Some treadmills also come with tablet holder and similar accessories.

Best Places To Buy Treadmill Online In India

If you do not have the time to visit a treadmill store, you can always buy treadmills from a reliable online treadmill shop.

Given below are 3 of the most popular online treadmill suppliers in India.

1. Great Life India

Great Life India is the leading wholesale supplier of treadmills in India. This treadmill shop based in Delhi NCR sells gym equipment of great strength and durability with the latest technologies.

They have treadmills for your budget and gym size. All you have to do is specify your price range, the space available, and fitness goal to find the right kind of treadmill.

They also provide assistance in setting up your device at home or commercial gyms.

2. Energy Fitness And Sports

If you are based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, the one wholesale supplier of treadmill you should look for is Energy Fitness And Sports.

This treadmill shop is the leading wholesale supplier of treadmills in Tamil Nadu, as they supply treadmills to commercial gyms, resorts, club houses, colleges, and hostels.

They’ve motorised and manual treadmills for all your fitness needs. Energy Fitness And Sports provides various specifications of treadmills and a variety of popular brands.

3. Bodyline

Bodyline is another treadmill shop that you can get affordable treadmill options from. You get access to the best offers on high-quality treadmills from the top international brands.

They offer manual treadmills as well as the ones that work on AC motor technology and DC motor technology. They provide easy EMI facility and free shipping to ensure the best customer experience.

Bottom line

Treadmills are a great way to enhance your cardiovascular health and boost your mood. Hop onto a treadmill everyday to improve your sleep, mental health, memory and overall health.

Do enough research and learn about the different features and programmes that you need on a treadmill.

Check out the list of treadmill stores that we have mentioned to make your treadmill purchase today.

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